Fire Rescue

A day as a "modern day" employee of a fire & rescue department contains considerably more responsibility than has been historically believed. The image of firefighters playing cards or checkers until the alarm sounds is a popular one, but a myth in today's Fire Service. An ever-changing environment places increasing demands on firefighters. Specialization in emergency medical care and various rescue techniques have become a necessity rather than a luxury. 

Day in and day out our firefighters are doing many things while waiting for the next call.  They are maintaining the station and equipment to be ready to respond to any emergency, they are training on the different disciplines required to carry out their tasks, and they are participating in fire inspections and community events ....    .

From time to time citizens ask what does the Fire Department do in its job related activities. The Fire Department answers Fire Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Chimney Fires, Forest and Grass Fires, Smoke Investigation, Structure and Motor Vehicle Fires, and checks Trees on Power Lines. We provide assistance with Motor Vehicle Accidents, Extrication, ATV Accidents, Airplane Crashes, Boating Accidents, and Cold and Swift Water Rescue. 



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Address: 2236 Hwy 2 East Kalispell, MT 59901.